Wednesday, August 01, 2007

1 Aug, 2007 - Enough of this country
It has been 3 months now since my last post! How time flies, and I am supposed to be updating my friends with activities here... indeed, A LOT happened but just couldn't find the time to do this diligently. Will keep trying.

But TODAY, I had enough and thought I need to pencil this down before my emotion subsides again... just needed to share this.
I really had enough of this amazing country I am currently in... Always curious about "How can they even compete with the rest of the world?" Just take these examples and judge for yourself:-
- It takes at least 1 to 2 weeks to open a bank account and to receive the ATM card...maybe longer, depending on which bank.
- It takes at least 3 weeks to APPLY for a Visa card (that you have to pay yearly subscription), regardless of how RICH you are. And you have to go through the hassle of "Validating" your identity at the Post Office! Amazing? Wonder how that works and what is the Value Add? That probably explains why they do not have FREE Visa card.
- Bank charges a monthly "Servicing Fee" for atm transactions and etc... Cannot remember when was the last time I actually have to PAY the bank for their inefficiency!
- It takes at least 3 weeks (if you are lucky) to get connected to Broadband or any internet services. And probably another a few weeks to arrange for an appointment if you need any installation and etc?
- You have to PAY to be part of the Airline Club... unlike other airlines where access is based on mileage accumulated to qualify. So in fact, one actually pays for the food and the service from these lounges (better eat more man)
- It has been 5 months now and I haven't have all the fixes completed in my apartment (fyi... I have to call almost every other week to "chase" for these jobs to be done!). What has the world become? I have to chase you to give you business!
- You have to pay for statement or bills to be sent to you. Want it free? Get it online... else pay $2 every month for it!
- The fines here are worst than Singapore! Ridiciously HIGH... to a point of being unethical (a real revenue generating means)
- You almost have to queue for at least 10 mins to get a cup of coffee since there is only 1 person manning the store during PEAK hours!
- Almost have to talk to machine everything you call a Service Line, and the best part is... you almost always have to stay on line for at least 15 minutes before getting to talk to somebody and end up having to repeat whatever you have told the machine!!!!!
- Obesity is extremely HIGH... fries, chips, chocolate, sweets, whatever unhealthy stuffs you can think of, people like it (including myself)
- People are arrogant.. and think too highly of themselves.
- There is no such things as Interest Free Instalments - Dream on...
- Loads of alcohol being consumed... well, why not when alcohol is cheap and readily available?

Compare to other countries, you wonder how they can ever compete. I am really interested to see what happen 10 years down the road.
Well, the answers lies with the fact that they are blessed with huge land with rich natural resources and nice landscapes and etc... Self-Sufficient.
But... sigh, living in their own world, oblivious about what is happening worldwide!

I will share my experience today in my next post. A MUST read.


Anonymous said...

Pistachio :
Ya, that sounds terribly inefficient..i suppose the only strategy here is 'if u can't beat them, u join them' choice but to slow down ah!!! if only we can also take our own sweet time when it comes to our clients...maybe shld go look for a banking job there man!! sounds cushy!

Li Lian said...

U know what? Give it a thought.. seriously, that's the WAY of LIFE man. Customers is NOT always right, rather: I AM always right!