Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Getting An Internet Broadband Connection - Sounds Easy?

You are absolutely wrong! At least NOT in this country!
I tried, I tried and I tried... 3 attempts to do so with 'Mobile 3' one of the many service provider.
- First, no identity/proof of residence, cannot
- Then no passport, cannot
- Then Credit check, can't verify my employment, lots of problems.

Excuse me? I am paying the bill (and it's not cheap), why do I have to go through all these pain? The 'normal' me would have boycotted the company and NOT give them my business (since they don't deserve it)... but when here, I am NOT normal. I can't be... cause my options are limited, at least for the price I am willing to pay! The service providers here are ALL blood suckers! They drink blood in bright daylight. It's definitely not a consumer world... cause consumers have really no say but to live with those crappy services and hack-care/stuck up (take it or leave it) attitude! #&$#!@!

Am I too pampered in Singapore for being treated as I deserve as a customer? Or am I asking for too much? U know what? I believe any customer oriented and developed countries wouldn't have been like that. Competition and consumers' right to choose wouldn't have allow those businesses to survive... that's the norm, but not here... definitely NOT.

The sad truth is, I will be going back to that provider again this week to sign up for the connection... I despise myself for doing that, but I really have no choice since I am too lazy to search for a better provider and I'm not willing to pay for any hardware cost or a LAN line. In Chinese, the term is "Jian"! Sigh!

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