Monday, May 21, 2007

22 May, 2007 - Monday
My Tennis Hero - Federer Express!
On 21 May, 2007, Roger Federer beat his all-time rival Rafeal Nadal on clay for the 1st time, ending his own run of 4 tournaments without a title and ending Nadal 81 consecutive winning streak on clay.

So, how successful is Roger Federer?
What makes him such a favourite tennis players of all time?

You bet there is no one answer, it's just a combination of a lot factors plus the "X" factor he possessed, of course!
To prove just how popular he is...
After his 1st victory on clay against clay court king, Nadal, I found observed the following on his website,, that currently has an amazing 116,598 members from all over the world.
- Immediately about 30 minutes after his victory - close to 100 comments/congratulatory notes (about 4 pages) were posted, from all over the world.
- At about 11pm the following day - 794 comments/congratulatory notes were posted, about 40 pages and by 11.45pm - it reached 827 comments, a good 42 pages... and still counting!
Mine, of course, can be found on Page 3 (, hopefully I am not the only one from Singapore.
Every minute, someone from somewhere in this world is reading and sending him a note...he is loved and supported by millions in this world. Fans feel his pain and share his happiness...what an accomplishment. To me, he is a very different CHAMPION of all time!

I believe most his fans will be thrilled and jump with joy to see him clinch the French Open title one day. With that, he will also be a real COMPLETE player, at least in my lifetime! That will be THE DAY! Will it be in 2007? I am hoping...and he will really make my day if that happen!

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