Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Getting back my Lifestye!

As previously mentioned, it has been close to 6 mths (half a year!) since I moved. Guess what? The Life activities puzzle is slowly getting pieced togehter.
Before August:
Used to have to think about where to go and how to fill my evenings and weekends. Compared to my activities filled life in Singapore, I was close to depression. Guess I was, at one stage, totally sicked.
Well, the tennis season started this month and I signed up to play for 2 Clubs...
- one private club (Oak Park), where we play in the Northern Suburbs Competition, and
- the other, Monash U Tennis Club, where I signed up to play in their "Internal Competition"
- also volunteered as back-up player for Clifton Hill, playing in the North Eastern Suburbs

Continues to have regular session with my tennis coach (just like in Singapore) to improve my strokes.
With these competitions and social tennis, I would be playing tennis at least 3 times, if not 4 times a week (if I play with my Sunday partner)! Way more than when I was back in Singapore...
Fantastic, something which I have always wanted and this is a good start. Even though the standard I play is not high, it is a good way to polish my competitive skills and build my confidence .
As an example, for this week, I will be playing tennis for at least 5 days!!!! Sun with club, Mon with colleagues, Tue Woman's Comp, and Wed and Thur substituting regular players in anther club...don't I just LOVE it!
It will only gets better with my Training with my Personal Trainer and if I join the running club, regular running session will be on my schedule as well.
How about some hiking or nature walks with a group? And some drinking sessions or outing over the weekends?
Life will continue to get better I reckon (and hope)... at least now, I am seriously saying that I have NO TIME for Golf and Aikido which I wanted to continue! Maybe after this season...

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Anonymous said...

Pistachio :
Glad dat u hv found a routine which u r happy wif, and more importantly, which can also fulfill your social needs as well..can't wait to pay u a visit dis year end, oredi 'booked' my block leave, even at the expense of clashing wif my leave cover (who is married wif kids, as u can guess). so start planning on our itinerary ok?? set aside 2 solid weeks in the last week of dec....c ya soon!