Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Thought I continue the subject on "Courage" here in my own blog... As usual, very delighted to receive comments from my fren in Singapore...
Courage vs Thick Skin....
Can't really sepearte them, they go hand in hand. Just an illustration:-
- Join the various Tennis Clubs without knowing anyone. The feeling is very awkward, especially when existing members know each other real well and had their own group partners to play with. I had to be thick skin enough to just join them and hit some balls. Guess the consolation is, I wasn't playing that badly even though it is difficult for me to win the games I played. Need to learn how to read the ball and obviously to be able to volley well! Slowly...
- Pub Crawling with a group of strangers!
Yes, that was last Friday, 18 Aug... I joined this group and did the pub crawl with them. A good way to know Melbourne as well as to make new frens. Enjoyed and had a very interesting encounter! Had to be think skinned enough to introduce myself in front of a group of about 15 people, on the road!
- Flamingo Dancing with Tapas... that's what this particular restaurant, 'Kanela' had to offer to attract crowd. I went there a new fren on a Friday night, after a meet-up session. There is only one 20-mins performance a day, for $10 cover charge! Not a bad deal at all!
- Mexican food at 40% off! That was yet another makan session I joined, that allows me to meet new people and to know another suburb, Camberwell, this time round.
Just these 2 weeks, I gave myself 9 points for taking a big step forward to changing my lifestyle here. So, was I being too thick skin or courageous to take the bond step forward? The rewards are obviously knowing more people and discovering new Places in Melbourne! Besides, I get to occupy my time efficiently! So, what's wrong with being thick skin?

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