Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Nice Places in Melbourne

Almost hate myself for bitching and bitching about this place.. thought I post something nice for a change. Tyring to look at the positive side and not dwell too much into the negatives... and hope that will help reduce my frustration (guess I don't need anymore than what I have at work).

- Ackland Street(St Kilda) has heaps of desserts cafe (i.e enjoying a cuppa with your dessert!). Brilliant idea and they looks tempting BUT quite expensive and really didn't taste as good as they look! :-> Nonetheless, still a good place to hang out on a weekends or weeknights after a long day of work!

- Greensborough. In fact, I believe that the suburbs have some of the nicest deserts places. Cna't remember the name of this particular Cake shop which serve one of the best Rum Balls! Seriously, the best I have ever eaten.. with rich Rum flavour, soft fillings and crispy chocolate chips coated on the outside. I would go all out to buy from there!

- Chapel Street. How can I forget my home ground? Well, there are a few, 2 that caught my attention. One near Toorak Road, and the other near High Street. Obviously pricey, but believe they are nice.

- Chocolate Factory at HighPoint Shopping Center. Very tempting set up. Nice chocolate with a variety of crepes and pancakes, with different fillings and etc... wonderful indulgence!
==> None of the above are as "refine" as those found in Singapore!

Pubs and Bars
- Martinis Club at Westin Hotel. A$18.00 for a glass of martini! Expensive but quite good quality! It reminds me of a S$13.50 a glass at Mortan's Bar in Singapore! Believe I tried something called "Borie" which is a mixture of Fragelico, Kahlua, and Espresso! Very nice indeed. Thoroughly enjoyed the drink.

- The Long Room. Crowded. A place to see and to be seen. Nice deco (even the people decorate themselves). Can be a bit loud... good if you wanna some place "happening"!
==> Still looking around for some clubs/pubs with Live Jazz.

- Dim Sum:
Have not been too a lot but there are 3 which are nice that I have tried.
1. Red Leaf at Sunshine. Cantonese, booking essential
2. Box Hill... this Taiwanese named restaurant that serve really good dim sum with good ambiance.
3. Sharks Fin in Chinatown. A little overrated and overcrowded till the boss is no longer friendly and the service is NOT fantastic. In fact, I did tell myself not to give them anymore of my business since they don't deserve it!
- Asian Food
1. Chinta Ria, South Yarra. Good Malaysian cuisine and friendly manager
2. David's, Prahan. Fantastic ambiance and good fusion food, typical Chinese food that resemble those from Crystal Jade.
- Others
1. Laurent, Toorak. Basically a cafe that serves really nice sandwiches! And the desserts are nice too!
2. Restaurant along Graham Road, Port Melbourne. Nice Aussie food... and nice ambiance
3. Stork House, Port Melbourne.

Will constantly explore and look out for better places to hang out and eat.

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Pistachio :
Wah, thanks for sussing out all the good eating places....now we have enuf to keep us busy for at least 2 to 3 days while we r there...heehee...can't wait....melbourne here we come!!