Sunday, March 25, 2007

Weather in Melbourne - An Interesting Encounter

Just needed to blog this experience I had in Melbourne for the first time (not quite)... which is very interesting - It's WEATHER!
It was a fine Thursday, when I arrived in Melbourne from Auckland and was pleasantly surprise by the weather! It was 38 degree, and stayed at about 26 degree during the night, and this is really the first time that it was above 25 deg in the evenings since I was here! Didn't actually like it. Friday morning came... like the night before the morning was HOT, and I mean really HOT, from my apartment , the big display showed 37 degree. Not as bad as in January, but it is supposed to be Autumn now... and u wonder what one can expect when winter come. A much welcome "thunderstorm" (not as bad as those in Singapore) strike in the early evening, bringing the temperature down to the a good 12 deg! Welcome to Melbourne!
Autumn is finally felt with the temperature floating below 20 throughout Saturday, 16 deg in the morning and throughout the afternoon and a good old 11 deg in the evening! How am I supposed to get use to this and prepare for my marathon in October (Spring)? Don't want to think about it until my shipment arrive... but it is definitely going to be an interesting change and experience and I wonder how my body will react when I run in the Hot and Humid Singapore again later this year.

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