Monday, March 26, 2007

The Value of Honesty - Really Impressive

Monday, 26 March 2007
This incident is just incredible (in my opinion), something I believe will NEVER happen in Singapore. I bet my head on it...
A friend of a new colleague (Dee) I met is kind enough to play tennis with me - we played singles! My FIRST tennis game in Melbourne since I arrived, in Monash University, Clayton. A good start indeed. The environment just suits me so well, full of life, youngsters and most importantly, activities!
Unfortunately, I was late for my first game and my first meeting with Nick due to the terrible traffic conditions, partly a result of the closure of Burnley Tunnel (after terrible accident), and also peak hours traffic towards the Eastern suburb! It took me about 1hr 20mins from Tullamarine to Monash, along Princess Highway. My first taste of the traffic condition. Underestimated the time, and upon arrival, I rushed to get change and etc... trying to minimise lost time. Had a good hit (no perspiration...) in 16 degree condition. Played non-stop for close to 90mins... enjoyed and most importantly, I was glad that he took the time to hit with me.
It was not until we parted, did I realise that my mobile phone has gone MISSING! Gosh, my heart almost stopped phone with all the key contacts were lost and I was scheduled to fly to Sydney on an early 8am flight! I almost lose my mind, as I know I may not get it back. But held my composure and traced all the way back to the changing room. I was almost certain I left it there while rushing. In desperation, I asked the counter hoping and praying that some honest people would pick it up and return to the Lost & Found counter... guess the BEST part was the reply I received.
The guy on duty went over to one corner, picked up a phone after verifying the model and said: "We were waiting for you to call to return it to you...." Lucky, lucky, lucky. Honesty! Gosh, I was so thankful to whoever returned that to the counter. I bet that will NEVER happen in Singapore. Never... it will be gone in minutes! So if you are reading this and ever pick a phone in future, PLEASE call the owner and return it, the phone may mean a lot to the owner, and I bet you'll feel so good, knowing that you have done a real good deed.
I drove back still in disbelief that there are some honest people in Australia and the fact that I was really so lucky... thank goodness. A Good Lesson learned Indeed, and that DID change my impression of Australians!

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Anonymous said...

Wah! really heng ah! can't imagine losing my happened to me once (long time back), was careless and left my HP in a cubicle of a public toilet(in marina square)...went back within 5 mins, but it was already gone with the wind! Almost freaked ya, lesson learned - u can never be too careful with your hp...