Thursday, March 29, 2007

A Sad Day

28 March, Wednesday
It was only the beginning of Wed and my day was ruined... after Federer lost a second time to Canas, in the 4th round of the Sony Ericson's Open. I was glued to the TV when the match started at around 6am (Sydney time)... signed on to my wireless and was watching the match live in the car while catching a ride from Gavin Savage to our dealer, EPSA. The match was so exciting that I actually lost my appetite (as usual with an Federer's match)... and he had to just ruined it by not at his best and lost his chance to the Quarter Final. Damn, I was SAD, and after watching his interview on ATP website, I felt worst, cause he was really disappointed. I hope this will not affect his confidence in the coming Clay court season. Monte Carlo being next...

So, to add on to this terrible news, I was actually disappointed with my dealer for a reason (not to be revealed), and left the airport in a cab to catch my flight back to Melbourne.
Had to deal with the usual Rental Car process, but it paid off with a light metallic blue Toyata Camry! new model... putting aside my worry of how that will fit into my tiny car park space! Hack, I like the colour and I like the design. Was glad that I rejected the Elantra they originally assigned me. Picture later...

Jam, jam jam, and took me close to an hour (usual 30mins) to get home and by then, there is just not much I can do then to have some sandwich (yes, egg and ham) for dinner!
That's it... another not quite happy day, with Federer's lost being the highlight! Hee... I am obsess.


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Anonymous said...

Pistachio :
Wah, at this rate, u'll b losing weight without having to do anything, man! As for me, managed to lose a bit of weight (teeny weeny) cos of a bout of fever a few weeks back..lost my appetite for quite a few days. Juz hope i dun put on the kilos again too soon!!