Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Sydney - It's ALL coming back to me!

27 March, Tuesday
1hr 20mins from Melbourne to Sydney, the morning flight, QF441 served breakfast, and before I realised, we are already descending! For a monring 8am flight, I was lucky that I do not have to check in and only arrived at the airport (after returning my cool Subaru which I contemplated for quite a while) just 40 mins before departure time! The beauty of Domestic flight without any check-in baggage.
Dealer personnel came to pick me up and we were well on our 45mins journey to see a customer. 2 "mega" Power Generation Plants...
They memories of my past experience and encounter in Sydney start coming back when I got back to the city later that afternoon. Hotel room, Hyde Park (the starting point of City to Surf Run I took part in 2005), shopping, harbour view, botanic garden, and etc. I just love Sydney for it's LIFE! Just different from Melbourne.... Melbourne is like a "rural" city, definitely not as sophisticated as Sydney.
Reunite, kind of, with a friend from Aikido who has moved to Sydney a few months back... Y T Chen, Tumy and Morgan of course. Somehow, I am so delighted to see real "friends"! Seriously, it has been awhile, being able to really share and just be myself, and comfortable in their presence. Ha, Da Chang Jing for a korean bbq dinner and visited their townhouse. The area in Sydney is just wonderful (put aside the traffic that comes with every developed city)... it was a nice change just being with real "friends"!

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