Thursday, March 22, 2007

Back In Action!

22 March, 2007...
A very tiring and stressful day. Left Auckland around 6am to catch a 7.40am flight back to my new home, Melbourne. A good start, NZ123 was my flight. Impressed with the Premium Check-In counter of Air New Zealand, an indeed One-stop shop (check-in, departure tax payment & express immigration), all without hassles and very fast indeed! The flight wasn't fantastic, but it's a NEW Boeing 777-200ER, with individual screen and movie on demand in Economy class. Managed to finish the movie "Breaking & Entering" starring Jude Law. Remember watching him in a movie with Cameron Diaz, he is just so charming! Not a bad movie after all, reflecting the world full of Love and Compassion, which can really change a person's behaviour.
The real pain starts when I arrived Melbourne. Gosh, all the rental cars were OUT, but managed to reserve one from Europcar, though not our Corporate Rental company, in desperation, I accepted it. Beggars can't be chosers really. After waited for about 20mins, I was pleasantly surprise to get a 2.0L Subaru Impreza! Hahahaha...really happy, cause it is a car where I can managed (physically), yet powerful, and most importantly, looks COOL! Really hated Avis' cars, sigh... wish we could rent from other car company. Anyway, my day just began when I arrived at the office (packing my lunch from the food court). Calls, discussion, & emails after another.
Ta Bao a simple dinner back to the office as well and rushed back for a teleconference at 11pm. And here I am at 1.25am on a Friday morning, rather updating my blog then going for a good night sleep. Realized somehow, I am really addicted to updating my blog, even at the expense of my sleep and at times my work!

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Pistachio :
Aiyo, can't help but nag ah....remember women over u-know-what age must have beauty sleep ah! So did you take a photo of your cool car? :o)