Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Monday 30 Apr, 2007

Just had to share this horrendous flight experience.
Returned flight from Sin to Perth on SQ 215 departing Sin at 1850. As usual, I left with a heavy heart, it’s tough after having a week of fun catching with friends and family, doing things/activities I used to do, leading a FULL life I used to lead, and etc… As much as I like my new home in Melbourne, the feeling is different. Nothing can replace my love for my home in Singapore, the same “old” feeling! Not quite settled in Melb as yet, still having problem stocking and locating the necessity, just not as convenient even though the apartment is “bigger” and more comfortable…
Anyway, back to my flight incident…
Was rushing as usual, arrived at the airport 55 minutes before scheduled departure, managed to have Avis collect the rental car (SGG 7254) from the Departure Hall instead of the usual Arrival Hall. That did save my life, cause I was already 5 min passed the check-in closure time. My damn luggage weighs 32.5kg, just barely made the 32kg limit. Took the opportunity to replicate my mails at the lounge and had to rush to my gate, and settled in my seat where the nightmare began (1st time since my years of travelling).

The flight was full of Aussies, nothing wrong with that… but finally experienced some real “nasty” Australian behaviour, worst than those I previously encountered during the Aussie Open. Just to list a few (not in order of occurrence, some are recurring throughout the flight…)
- Idiot in front of me (big size obviously) keep moving and shaking. (The seat is obviously too small for his butt) Had problem concentrating on the movie I was watching!
- The guy (Aussie as well) behind me… keep pulling my seat’s back rest and talking to the guy besides me! Glad I wasn’t trying to sleep… and trust me it wasn’t pleasant when u have a guy moving above you and making fun.
- Then I met this drunken bustard, who tried to be funny. Having his arm over my shoulder, sticking his bloody face close to mine, striking some idiotic conversation, and worst, requesting a photo together! The finale, during landing, he said loudly: “Would you marry me?” I tell you, I was pissed, embarrassed and obviously scared, cause I wasn’t sure what they would do to me…after alighting!
- These Aussies were talking and standing around when the captain requested all to be seated, and stopped all services due to some turbulence. Don’t they understand simple English? Worst, all the “F” words were flying around like no tomorrow!
I learnt very quickly they were all from an Oil Rig, heading home for a 3-weeks break. The kind of deal where they stay 3-weeks on rig and stay home for 3 weeks. . Sigh, which explained the behaviors of some of them, something like released from prison and deprived! Well, just to summarize the ordeal I have to go through on this flight, it was really a nightmare, should have just taken the Red-Eye flight, and I swear that that incident was a wake up call for myself of the kind of people I can encounter while on my job…I shivered at the thought.

The consolation was, I managed to watch “Music & Lyrics”… a movie that I always wanted to watch. I enjoyed the songs sang in the movie. Guess, that made it up. What a night!

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