Monday, May 21, 2007

12 May, 2007 - Saturday

Another surprisingly hectic yet relaxing weekend!
Went for my regular Sat morning 9.30am Spinning (RPM) class and my 8th PT session with Tommy (without much improvement!), after which I had to rush to Brunswick to finally check out one of the Aikido Dojos along Sydney Road. It's not far but... the traffic was amazing, I didn't make it to see the training but did meet Simon Sensei and the small group of students. They seems nice, especially the sensei. The funny part is...the general "atmosphere" and the feeling is so different, there is really no 'life' in the dojo as it is inside the building and thus lighting wasn't that fantastic. Got to know from sensei that they don't so slamp! Begin to question myself whether I really like Aikido or was I motivated by all the slamps and most importantly the people in Zhen Qi Shu? Guess, all these are contributing factors for me to stay for the past 2+ years. I need to at least give it a try and start training again, in a totally different environment, with a totally different group of people. Bad timing, it's gonna be really COLD this time of the year, and honestly, I hate training in that kind of temperature! No perspiration, no slamp, and I can just imagine how cold and numb my legs will, but I NEED to start somewhere, as I do not wish to forget all the techniques... June will be the time.

Some shopping at High Point Homemaker center before I rushed back getting ready for my 1st Mahjong session in Melbourne!
Funny, in Singapore, I struggled to make time for mahjong, definitely not on a weekend when I will be so tight up with activities like Aikido or jogging! Sigh, but here... I am actually trying to fill those time! Not sure if I should feel happy or sad that I actually have more time to relax.
In chinesewe term this "jian"!

1st Mahjong session in my apartment with Boon Whatt's family and Yonghao, and thanks to BW, it was literally Yonghao's first mahjong experience. We did well, had fun just feeling the tiles and hearing the sound. In the end, I was one against the rest. Most importantly, we all enjoyed and had our very 1st mahjong in Melbourne. A good start?

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