Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Ironies in Life - Part II

Guess it's about time I continue my blog...
Things have been crazy, with lots of backlogs I need to clear since I returned from Singapore. Disappointed that I wasn't able to constantly update my blog.
Back to my earlier discussion topics:-
1) Freedom vs Control - What do we really want? The freedom of staying alone or the warm of having someone watching over us. Well, not "control" literally, but rather not having that much of freedom when staying with family. Believe some have the best of both, but for me, I can't ... currently I have ALL the freedom I want, BUT would be nice to have the best of both world.

2) Space vs Warmth - It is the same logic as above. Space comes with a price in my case. The price being away from family and friends.

3) Big car vs Small car - Interesting. One would associate this with status or ego, but that is not what I wanted to share... this has to do with the company car I will be getting. Originally wanted a mid sized car just because of my built and the comfort I am in one. Also in consideration of the car park space in my apartment. After having the privilege of test driving the various cars (Rental): Yaris; Impreza; Camry; and Aurion (really cool - 6 cyclinder with twin exhaust), and polishing my parking skill, I realised I am feeling safer in a bigger sized car! Just because of the stability... and of course the POWER when accelerating. Just recently assigned a Toyota Yaris and guess what, the car was so 'shaky' and 'light' that I had to have it changed the next day! Am I spoilt? Guess so.. but may not be a bad thing in view of the relatively big 4 litres car I will be getting. Kinda funny cause I was pretty convinced initially that big cars are really not for me!

4) Experience vs Income - Well, the $$ from an overseas assignment is really not fantastic and for the opportunity cost, it sometimes makes you wonder if it is worth it. Guess so... cause I believe I can't buy experience, and you can't really quantify it... long as it's not overwhelming, I believe I'll go for experience for now and learn to manage my spending a little. May not be a bad thing after all.

In life, we have to make certain decisions and sacrifices, persevere and hope for the best.