Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Winter is finally here...

June started off with some really nice weather hovering around 12 to 15 degree...just beautiful.   But on 13 June, it dropped for the 1st time to 7 degree and COLD and rainy.  It is amazing how individual acclimatized.  I actually enjoy when the temperature is between 12 to 15 degree!    A little cold but very comfortable when one starts some physical activities.   It's perfect for tennis and golfing!  

Finally had a roun
d of Golf with Hendro!   Yes, played at Albert Park on Queens Birthday, 9 June 2008...  The weather was crappy for once, a taste of real winter... wet, and especially muddy on the course.   On top of that, the real challenging part was the fact that I played 18 holes without grip (the club didn't manage to re-grip my clubs on time)!  My palms were so sore after the game, but I didn't do that badly, especially my irons.  Won't say the same for my woods and short game though... terrible.    

Sex & The City! 
It can't get any better than this:
Watching Sex & the City (2hrs 40 mins), accompanied by a bottle of Sparkling Wine, and dessert, in a Hoyts Director's Suite (similar to Gold Class)... with Laura!  That night (Tues, June 10) we had 2 bottles of wine.  The movie was great, better than I expected, rather I didn't know what to expect, so I thoroughly enjoyed it.   The whole Director's Suites experience was just unforgettable.  The best part was, it was the perfect movie to 
go with!  Real Sex and the City feel!  Inspired by the movie, I worn my 3 inches pair of RED boot (recently acquired at a discount) to work with a black dress... :-> just wanted to feel dressed up once in a while!  The stupid part was, I really couldn't walk too much with it, else my legs will give way.

As usual, my number ONE passion and thus, had been quite enjoyable and my confidence did increase after a few wins recently.  Besides, my games, especially volleys have improved. Really happy with my volleys during the 2 matches I played.  In the recent one, I did some nice smashes and touch volleys which obviously won us a few points.   Happy, and my serves weren't that bad, only lost 1 service game throughout the 3 sets.   
In addition, signed up for a series of  Cardio Tennis on Sunday afternoon, organized and coached by a Singaporean. The 2 sessions attended were fun and the bonus is that 
I get to meet different members from Monash Tennis Club. Intend to continue as long as time permits.
Clifton Mixed Section 4 Team, had our season end celebration, for a good season even though we didn't make it to the Semis.   It was a commendable effort, and the best part was, we worked well as a team.  The chemistry is there...we will be moving on as a team in the next season.   Unfortunately not all members were presence but we enjoyed.  That night happened to be the Women Final of the French Open.  We stayed at a pub watching
 part of it and proceeding to my place to finish watching the match, which Ana won the title.