Monday, July 07, 2008


Yes and No...
Today: 7 July, 6.30am in Melbourne and obviously, 6 July, 9.30pm in London... must be one of the most upsetting moment for the All-Time Tennis Champion, Roger Federer!   He lost in Wimbledon to his nemesis, Rafeal Nadal.   At least in 5 sets, 4-6, 4-6, 7-6, 7-6, 9-7.
He got back from 1 championship point down in during the 4th set's tie break, it would have been a GREAT win if he had won ultimately, unfortunately, I believe he ran out of fuel, but he fought... and I am PROUD of him, my Hero, in Tennis.  Always the best, always gracious in giving credit to his opponent, recognizing their efforts, and applauding their success, in the mist of his greatest disappointment.  I cannot imagine the "mental" strength one need to have to endure through all these moments...
Well, he would have made history once again if he had won, but, he will still be in the history of Tennis for putting such a fight, and taking the Runner's Up title after 5 consecutive wins at the All-England Club.
At least he is not losing to Djokovic, Nadal is more deserving even though his act on court is disgusting (pulling his underwear before every serve).   Guess there always comes a time where you have to lose your glories, it is how you lose it.
.. for that, Roger's effort were commendable.   
Hope people do not overlook the fact that he has already won 5... how many people
 in history had done that?   He deserve a lot of credit for maintaining that record.
Yes, my hero lost, No he is as classy and put a great fight to defend his title, that is the Roger I want to see, hope one day, he'll clinched the French from Nadal or somebody.  
Go Roger... you are the Greatest Player in Tennis History!  You will live a Legend.
Good Luck for the rest of your season.