Quotation of the Day

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Imagine this...
You parked your car, and after visiting the doctor and running some errands, you returned to pick up your car BUT, it gone! 

That was what actually happened to me today... I was shocked.  First I thought my car had been stolen, later did I realize that I had parked along a "CLEAR WAY" and my car had been "cleared", basically towed away!   My immediate thought was, "what will be my damage this time?  How much more will I be contributing to the Council's fund?   I know I can retrieve my car, but it's not going to be cheap.   Not knowing where my car is, I had to check with a few passer-by for advice on how to locate my car!   Was advise to call the City of Stonnington, which I did and they provided the collection address, and etc...  Everything was perfectly organized, of course, when it comes to $$.
Took a cab to 34 Cormwell St, and that cost me A$16, sigh.. tough luck.
Signed a A$281 credit card bill in order to retrieve my car, and guess what...
I had another FINE for parking on Clear Way, which will cost me another $110.   Total damage for the day?   A$400...   
How innocent?   I should have read the sign properly... my fault, but this is a very expensive lesson!   I would rather have 4 sessions of tennis or 12 sessions of Golf coaching with that amount!  SIGH.... what to do,  not a very auspicious day for me... definitely not when it is the day when I visited a GP in Melbourne for the 1st time... and he had told me that I am suffering from minor bronchitis!     so, a bad day... 4th June 2008.

To make matter worst... realized my Foxtel is not working... 
Funny, it only allow me to watch the Tennis channel, no matter what I do.   I have been watching tennis a lot, the French Open, but, why should that happened?  What could be the problem?  All I know is, I hope it will not cost me more damage than I already incurred! 

All I can hope for now is a Better Tomorrow. 
"Ming Tian Hui Gen Hau"
A good start already... Roger Federer is in the French Open Semi-Final!   Can't wait for him to hold the Trophy, I will be soooooo thrilled.