Monday, June 02, 2008

"Do not do UNTO others what you do not want others to do UNTO you", and ... vice versa
- The Golden Rule?

How true is this?
If only everybody in this world does that...there will be nothing but Peace and Happiness.

From 19 May to 31 May, how was it?
Busy, busy, busy....
Didn't quite recover from my earlier flu, and now, coughing! First time since long time ago! Gosh... affected my activities since I couldn't really run...even playing tennis is a pain! Hate it.

The saga of my drive to Surfer's Paradise Marriotts was indeed very "exciting". I was lost in the middle of the night, around 11.30pm, driving on dark roads and frantically seeking help using my mobile. The Hotel was not helpful, and honestly, I was worried for awhile... as the road was dark and quiet and you never know what will happen. Fortunately, I was able to locate a "Pub Motel" and seeked direction from a lady bartender. Only made my way safely to the hotel around 12 midnight, after close to 2 hours drive for a journey which should only take 1.5 hours!

Like the saying goes, "Been there, done that..." somehow this year's boat show was more torturous for me. Those Mega luxury boats are no longer that fascinating compared to last year when I first saw them... a bit "shua gu" then.
- Met one of the retired Dealer's manager, Ian. Had a good chat, and it's like seeing an old friend. Nice.
- News of the manager (from the same dealership) is leaving, sigh... challenging, one after another. My initial response was: "Am I surprise?" Then, reality kicks in... how the hell are we supposed to be supporting our customers? This goes on and on and on... I am tired.

Was a bit slack during the boat show week but did squeezed in abotu 2 hours of tennis with Hendro, and I guess the best part was, I played so well and I beat him! Happy with the way I played....what can I say, wished I can do that well during competition.

2 PT with Tommy during the 2 weeks, not sufficient but they were good.
Finally a session of Tennis with Travis with my bad cough, wasn't quite enjoying as I was coughing badly... the cold air doesn't help at all.

Golf - Had my 1st re-fresher training with Michelle of Burnley Golf Club. She's good, and pointed out my mistakes, and reinstate my interest in golf again. The urge to want to play well is so overwhleming and for once, I can't wait to practise my swings at a driving range!
Also played 9-Holes with Laura at Burnley... funny course but did get some practise of my swings and a feel of my standard.

FOOD and Indulgence
Well, 2 weeks and only 3 sessions of fitness, what did I do the rest of the time?
Eat, eat and entertainment!
LURE - Brisbane. A nicely decorated restaurant. Like the ambience and the food was quite good too.
SHUCK - A wonderful restaurant on Main Beach, Gold Coast. Had dinner with a few dealers' personnel there, rather pricy but the food was good.
VERGE - On Spring St, Melbourne City. LOVE the dessert! It's fusion Japanese and very classy. Had dinner with a customer there, besides the good food, we had a good time chatting away.
GOSHEN - Korean BBQ at Glen Waverly. The dinner with Laura, after a good massage and golf game was really fantastic. Food's good... and waiter, especially cute! Cannot help laughing at his rolled uo t-shirt sleeves! Obviously trying to show off his muscles! But, he's really funny and cute.
One of his funny remark was: "... I was looking at you too!" Hahaha...
FOG - Australian cuisines, on Greville Streets, Prahan. Nice ambience, and quite good food.
==> Looks like I did a lot of eating these 2 weeks! Not forgetting the fact that all these mean I spent a lot this month!

K G Tay and Grace Chua were in town one after another... and those were the reasons for my indulgence! Good to catch up with colleagues, especially K G, it has been awhile.

... Winter is finally here.