Monday, May 19, 2008

A Recap of the week of 11 May, 2008

Too many things happening, bit in my world and in other people's world!
- My idol in Women Tennis Justine Henin "QUIT" tennis due to "burned out"! Despite being on the No. 1 ATP top spot for 61 weeks... she still decided to quit. Her score was way beyond that of Sharapova and Jankovic...It would take them at least a few more months to catch up with her... but at her peak of her tennis career, she still chose to quit! Just how much "motivation" can influence a person's behavior? For me and her fans, it was a pity, I can no longer admire her single backhand... sigh! Well?

- Roger, dear Roger... he made it to the Final of the Hamburg Masters after his earlier Qtr Final defeat to Stephanik in the Italia Masters. However he was not able to retain his title and had to lose to Nadal once again, 5-7. 7-6, 3-6. Sigh, hope the day will come when I see him beating Nadal in the French Open... I really hope for that day.

- Cyclone in Myanmar, Earthquake in Si Chuan, China... all these news breaks my heart, especially seeing the hundreds of thousands of people homeless, lost their love ones... sigh, very disturbing. Just hope things will settle and they do find happiness one way or the other.

My Life in Melbourne?
Well, it has been an eventful week as well for me besides the above news which affected me in some way:-
- Tried a new Dim Sum Place with Alex and Laura on Mother's Day! We wanted to go to Tai Pan, but since it's Mother's Day, I wasn't able to get a reservation at the last minute, instead, I found this Red Leaf Restaurant on Burwood Highway, which had quite good review...
The picture here is one of the dishes we tried, food's
ok, not very fantastic, still so many Chinese and etc.. crowded!

- Very good sessions with Tommy, 2 this week and guess what? They are all in the morning! 7.30am on one of the weekdays and 7.45am on a of the sessions on Abs was so effective! Gosh.. felt good.

- At work, meeting after meeting as usual since there were so many initiatives by the various segments! Wonder when I'll really clear the backlogs?

- On my tennis season, it was our last games this week for both the Women Double and the Mixed. Not a good end to the season as we lost both days! We were trying to fight for our final position in the Mixed Final, but failed, our opinion was good, at least better than us. Next season, we'll try again... this means less tennis for me during winter which sucks, and also means I will have to try to fill up my Mon, Wed and Thur! it doesn't help to know that my Monday's Rowing will also end by the end of the month! What am I gonna to do? Will probably concentrate on my Running and my Golf this winter. Maybe...

- On a side note, just wanted to share and remind myself of how expensive things are here in Melbourne, and the exchange doesn't help.
A simple hotdog bun you see here (only about 3 inches in size - above) cost me A$1.30, i.e S$1.70! Gosh, and that was my pre-tennis dinner for one of the evenings. Amazing... sigh!

Next week? Another hectic week with the Boat Show to attend and some preparation to do for the EPSA's Marine Sales Conference.

A snap shot of next week:
- I had my 1st Golf lesson in Melbourne with Michelle at Burnley Golf Course. She was great...
- Updates from the Sanctuary Cove Boat Show