Sunday, May 11, 2008

11 May, Sunday... 9.30am

Another Week...
Believe it was another good week at work, not so much socially.   You can't have both can you?

What's New?
Was busy earlier of the week preparing for presentation and etc... and participated in the International Truck Show from Thur to Sat. Yes, quite an experience even though this is already my 2nd Truck Show in Australia.  
Outside of work, I continued my Rowing on Monday night, it was fun as for the first time, we had an All-Women boat!   So, it feels good with the balancing and etc...  oh and the weather was nice too. 
Gym as usual with Tommy on Monday evening and Saturday morning.   Both were tough weights session, resulting in DOS after that on my quads.  (My quads are hurting as I am writing this...)
Other than that, Tennis on Wednesday sucks big time... I only managed to hold 2 serves of the 9 service games. Gosh, utterly pissed with myself, caused that resulted in our lost of 5-6 for one of the sets!  Sigh... nonetheless, I was glad I redeemed myself during the Mixed Games where we won 4 sets to 2, and I was serving fine, only lost my 1st service game.   Picked up the momentum subsequently and had quite good 1st serve percentage.   Hweeh!   A real relief.   For the sets I played, we did 6-2, 4-6 and 6-1.   Pretty damn good...  Our aim now is to try to get to the top 4 position so that we'll qualify for the Final!  
The only major disappointment this week was the fact that Roger lost to Stephanik in Rome, which I had hope he'll win the title after his wonderful performance and form after his last game!  Well, praying hard that he'll win at least one clay court title to boost his confidence for Roland Garros.   Feel so sad for his recent performances, and the drastic change in people's opinion and confidence of him... I realised that even in most of the commentators, try tone just change and they're really doubting Roger's ability. 

Next week... will be another crazy week.   Preparing for some project Business Case, preparing for meeting with Dealers on Friday and day-to-day stuffs.
The consolation is, I'll be doing my regular activities, Rowing, Tennis and of course Gym.  My next session with Tommy is at 7.30am tomorrow (Monday) morning!   Gosh, hope I'll have no problem waking up for that.