Sunday, May 04, 2008

4 May, Sunday - Lazy Sunday

Had been a good week?  
I believe so.  So much is happening and just needed time to pen them down and share.

My apartment is in a mess, the worst since I came.  All thanks to my terrible schedule and my laziness.  Had been in and out of the apartment, leaving myself not much time to really pack.
Friday, after a wonderful tennis session with Travis in Glenroy, I had to rush back and out to meet Celine (and Simon) for a drink at the Belgium Beer Cafe (St Kilda) for the first time.  We had a good chat and was too tired by the time I get home to do anything else... results?   All my gears, bags and etc... lying around!   
My bed is in a totally bad condition leaving only enough room on one side for me to sleep on.  The rest?   Covered with clothes that I need to fold/hang  and to put aside. 

So, today, is the day when I told myself to get these straighten out.  No activity, but just to get things right.   It's a commitment.   Then again, the weather turned out to be too NICE to stay at home!   Would love to go for a jog or something... really nice weather, around 17 degree.  
Believe this is gonna be one of those few nice weekends, the weather is going get colder!

We had a cold spell on Monday, which really reminded me of how bad things can get in winter... and I hate to think about it. 

Spoke about Rowing in the rain/cold last Monday, and as much as I was looking forward to another rowing session on Saturday, 3 May, I overslept!  Damn... was disgusted with myself really... the weather was BEAUTIFUL and the lake was CALM and I was very much looking forward to the session.  Sigh, had been having problem with my sleep lately.  Too lazy and not motivated enough to get my feet on the ground!    I was awake at 6am and then 7am... but kept telling myself I needed another 10 mins to rejuvenate!  
Nonetheless, I had a pretty good workout with my trainer that morning and my arms were sore!  Had 3 
rowing interval and I was surprised to know that my rowing (in the gym) did improve after I took up rowing!   At least now, I am using my quads muscles more.. so the technique is right and with that, I was able to clock about 440 meters in 2 mins!   Tired though... I am sure I can improve that further with more training and if my fitness continues to improve.

Another amazing event I went on Sat, 3 May.  The Argonauts Trivia Night at St Kilda Town Hall... guess I felt a little awkward when I realized that the gals that I rowed with, most of them are Lesbians and ... did feel a little out of place.   It was a night with close to 200 gays and lesbians and most with their "partners".  While, I was alone of course, but really amazed by this community of nice people.  Eye Opener indeed, but it did make me wonder if I should continue my membership.  Truthfully, I like the club, they are nice people with a passion for rowing, yet not overly competitive!  

Went to the driving range with Alex on Tuesday... did ok. 
But I am determined to take up more coaching lessons for my golf... as part of my plans here. 

Had 2 phone conversations with Paul, and that were nice... we are closer to our plan to meet in late September, hopefully in Singapore to celebrate our birthday together.  I really hope that will happened and very much looking forward to seeing him again.   :-> 

Also caught up with mum this week finally... had a good chat with her and Ron.   Do miss them and thought of them very often... 

Played in 2 games this week, and won all 3 in the women's doubles, but only managed to win 1 in the Mixed Doubles,  partly due to my double faults and I hate that.  Had Travis polished my serves this week during our training.   Hope that will helped reduced my double faults.   

This coming week?  Going to be a tough one as I had to prepare for a presentation and at the same time, play host to my colleague from Singapore.   Nonetheless, I will try not to miss my rowing and my session with Tommy tomorrow.    More tennis of course.  

Time to get down to the chores I aimed to finish... I only had less than 3 hours for that before I meet my colleague later in the afternoon.