Monday, April 28, 2008

28 April, Monday

Amazing what TIME can do...
It has been 2 weeks since my last shitty week/post!   How time flies and how things changes, just thought it will be good for me to take a moment to recollect the good stuffs this time round.

- Rowing Experiences


 Gosh, I am beginning to enjoy rowing, I have been rowing on the lake 5 times over the past 3 weeks. Not quite there yet technically, but I am enjoying every bit of the experience.  Today, we had only 1 boat out (only 4 turn up), because it was about 10 degree and raining!   Cold, but indeed a rare experience.  Who in the right frame of mind would be rowing in the cold autumn rain?  But we did, even though we had to turn back after 30mins, it was a very enjoyable attempt!

- Horse ridding!  
When down to Mornington Peninsula with Hwee Kuan and Yonghao for horse-ridding. 
It was a pretty challenging week for me.  Arrived from Perth on Friday morning 5am ... I was dead tired, slept throughout the journey.  Took another 2 hours nap and headed out for our trip.  Couldn't wake up to meet them for breakfast as planned and I wasn't in my top condition.  Sore throat, toothache and etc... just not 100%.   We lost our way a few times and were late for the 12noon trip, however we negotiated for an 1 hour ride,  which turned out to be a blessing in disgust.  My shin would have swollen otherwise and I know I wouldn't have enjoyed as much if it was longer.  Just wished I can grasp the trotting technique better... didn't quite get it, and did had a bit of problem standing.  My feet kept coming off the pedal!   Overall a very nice especially.  

- Golf
Finally, after 13 months in Australia, I picked up my golf clubs again and on 24 April, played on the Vines golf course (Perth) with Warren Mckenzie (Goughs); Bassem; Robin; Robin's friend Typhoon; and KK of ADC.  I paired with KK on one flight and the other 4 were on another flight.  It was a beautiful afternoon, with temperature around 20 deg and partly sunny.   Perfect weather for golf, in fact, for anything!  :->  I didn't do that badly at all, and scored about 126... not bad taking into account that I have not been playing for awhile.  It all ended well, with us drinking up about 7 to 8 jugs of beer after that!  Never had so much beer in my life! A little too much unnecessary calories I must admit.

- Tennis 
Playing a lot more now... especially these few months with the Autumn season still in play.   At least 4 times a week, 1 practice session with the team, womens doubles, mixed doubles and of course 1 or 2 session with Travis (my coach).  And on a good week, I may get to play with Alex or Hendro and Lawrence since last Sunday!   It's all good, and I am seeing myself improving, still having problem holding my serves at crucial points but, I am getting there... at least better than what I used to be when I first came into Australia.

Dragged thinking about winter though cause that's where a lot of these will stopped. 

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