Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thursday, 10 April 2008   2.40am


Thought it's about time I picked up this habit of writing again.  It is amazing to know how "human" enthusiasm can be so short-term... I was so excited to want to share my experience through this blog, and what happened?   I have been in Melbourne for more than a year now, 14 months to be exact and how much have I written?
This habit had been taken over by other, more exciting activities and  by pure "laziness"! 
It's now 2.25am.  Had been sleeping past 3am these days.  Thought I jot some key thoughts before I go to bed.    
Highlights include:-
- Installed Skype and had communicated with Huiting once and Sandy about twice. It's actually quite fun.   Will have my nephews installed that in time to come so that I can call my dad! 
- Agnes and Vijay in Melbourne with the 2 kids, Anne and Ryan.   Enjoyed being with the kids, noisy but really cute.   I am seeing a different side of the kids than what I usually get in Singapore.  Unfortunate that I didn't have a chance to  spend more time with Agnes, will probably try in the next week.
- Flowers... just received another one today... I lost count,  but it must have been more than 6 now, with the previous one being a plant!  The only difference this time was, I actually brought it home, cause it is finally the flowers that I like, Lily (Bai He) and I  have been wanting to get one to decorate my apartment... so, timing is just right.  Michelle was also surprised that I actually brought it back!   I really do not know what to do, or how to react.    Funny really, always feels that he is just satisfying his own believe without sparing a thought for others.  But on the other hand, why would he keep sending?    What am supposed to do?
- Office Move.  Believe this is the most disorganized one I've seen, and I am not impressed with the way the contractor work at all!  Compare to Singapore, I really feel it is not Value for $$ at all!   
- Rowing!   Yes, I have finally attended the lesson and did rowed on Albert Park Lake just the recent Sunday.   Stressful, but really enjoyable.    Guess the key is really Teamwork and enjoying the lake.   Didn't regret joining and in fact, very much looking forward to this Sunday's second Lake session.   Had to sacrifice some jogging or tennis for that.   There will be a camp which I can't join (very much wanted to)  because of the TC Conference!  Sigh...timing.
-  Jogging.  I wanted very much to join Running Spirit again to build  my stamina and etc...  I will do so soon just so as to keep myself "active"... and hopefully to really lose some weight.  Pretty disgusted with myself now.                
- Gym cum Personal Training
Had been with Tommy for quite awhile now... and I believe will keep that going for as long as I can.  
Tired.. that will be it for now...                                                                                                               

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