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Friday, April 06, 2007

First Sailing Experience
3 April, Tuesday
Blue sky, sunshine, sail boat, great team, beer and scenery - All elements of a great Sailing Experience. A sailing challenge organised for our customers in conjunction with our Product Launch. Close to 10 boats competing, with about 14members in each team. Each member undertook a role, Navigator (Junior), Navigator (Senior), Skipper, Radio, Lookout and etc... to sail the boat to a few destination assigned. Out Of The Blue II - The name of the 35ft sail boat we were assigned, owned by a couple Chris & Lynn.

Undertook the interesting role of being Navigator and learned to navigate a boat using Latitude and Longitude... realised just how important that role can be in guiding the skipper in the right direction. Team work, that's what it is. An indeed fun and effective team building. What an experience, it is something I have always wanted to try... and I was given the opportunity in the Sunshine city of Brisbane!

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ting-tingy said...

hey hey...
you really got loads of adventures in australia... can't wait to see you soon...