Friday, April 06, 2007

Black Monday

2 April, Monday (Part I)
The Fact: To catch a flight to Sydney at 6.05am...
The Plan: Relax, pack, update blog, and leave for airport around 4am, detour to office on the way to replicate my mails (having problem with my wireless).
The Encounter: Slept before packing and woke up at 4am! Damn...
Frantically packed up and rushed to the airport (check in counter close 30mins before departure, i.e 5.30am)... Managed to get out at 4.45am, risked being late cause I had to try getting a parking space at the airport Long-Term multi storey carpark. Speeding and risking getting fine, arrived and parked at 5.20am, figured my way through to the Departure Hall, it's 5.30am!
Can't check-in, no choice but to approach the Customer Assistance Desk... pleaded her to check me in, in reply: " shouldn't be late...". Anyway, managed my way again, huew! 10 mins later, I was already seated comfortably on the way to Sydney as "planned"! Ha!

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farzad said...

wow man,
Is it "catch me if you can" or "mission impossible"??