Wednesday, December 13, 2006

My buddy, Kit's BIG Day!

(Left) Kit with little princess Yuki..... so sweet!
(Right) Charlie Angels of Singapore.. and yes, we once thought of entering a competition using that name and performing some stunts!

10 Dec, 2006 was the Big day for my buddy Kit. Unlike any other weddings, hers was very special... at least for me, cause she is one of my closest friends from U.

Finally a chance to be one fo her "sisters". Was once wondering when she'll get married and settle down, either in relationship and in her job! Looks like is now well settled (happy) both in her relationshp and in her job, as Tai Tai! Right, she wished, dream on...

Anyway, it was a rather interesting day... where we went through the "traditional" rituals of making things difficult for the groom before he "received" the bride... (of course, otherwise he won't treasure if it is too easy!). Like, singing, taking vows, kissing (RA), eating wasabi and etc... hahaha, so interesting! Oh, and he came receiving his bride in (not a Mercedes like most people used) a BUS, yes, as in the green BusPlus! I really LOVE the idea... and I must say the ride was much more comfortable and fun.

Lunch was fantastic too... as we had it at Lei Garden, CHIJMES. Just like any wedding dinner, it's nothing but good food, dish after dish...

The programs end with an Afternoon Tea with Kit's friends at VTea Room in the Esplanade. It was a very leisurely and enjoyable tea break where people chat and enjoy a cup of tea/coffee with a few slices of cakes. The event ended about 6pm... not willing to head back home, Ms Seah, Ms Foo and myself went up to the CitySpace bar (70th Floor) in the Swissotel for a nice drink and enjoy the wonderful view from above! Very nice way to end the day... Luckily I still have Christmas and New Year to look forward to, after this much anticipated wedding!

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