Thursday, December 28, 2006

Christmas 2006

Jingle bell, jingle bell...
It is yet the time of the year of giving, gathering, eating and NOT working! Ha... that is the best, when almost everyone is in the festive mood and no mood for work. Peace is the word to describe the atmosphere in the office. If nothing goes wrong, 2006 should be my last year of Christmas in Singapore, until 2010... So, my 'heart' is a little heavy

The Preparation
the fun part about Christmas is the time spent shopping for presents and realizing that friends enjoyed your gifts and etc...This year, in fact, is the most satisfying cause I decided to embark on a "mini" project to "create" a gift for my friends that recollects the happy times we've spent together to commemorate the years of friendship... "Customized Calendar" ... It is a tedious process: digging through all the OLD photos (not digital) and scanning them into digital prints. Recall one of the trips having to take leave from work and standing in Fotohub from 11am to about 3pm... having to change and cancel my other appointments made earlier. Underestimated. Well, the effort all paid off when you see the End product, very memorable and very satisfying (See photo Top Left).

Christmas Eve
Rain...rain and rain - terrible weather!

Hahaha.. what a way to start, Aikido! Slamming away... especially after a short 4 hours sleep... rushing out all the last minute wrapping of the presents due today!

Luncheon with Kit, Ken (the newly wed), Yiliang, John and princess Yuki (a real darling!). It has been awhile since we had full attendance for lunch, since John do not usually join us. Glad though, we had the FULL! P.S Cafe at Harding was the venue for our afternoon Brunch. In fact this was my 4th time there for brunch and I absolutely LOVE the food... and of course the ambiance. The Portabello Mushrooms is a MUST - Try, as a matter of fact, we had 2 order of it since we didn't had enough the first round!

What is Christmas Eve if I do not spent it with my regular gang... BPC.

Huey Yuee happened to be back for spring cleaning, but unfortunately, Agnes was not in town, after all we are still ONE short. Anyway, we had our "little" quick gift exchange before everyone else turn up...since we combined 2 groups for our celebration. For once, the Exchange process was recorded using my good old CASIO Exlim! (Had a good laugh reviewing the video afterwards..) We get to savour the food from the very much talked about "Botak Jones"! We had the 'typical" Christmas food: Ham, Turkey with breaded fillings, sausages, salad, and of course the local Otak. The food were excellent, especially the turkey, very tender with nice seasoning! They best I ever had thus far... in fact, better than Chicken! haha... amazing.
Part II of the celebration was a visit to the newly Wed's (Vincent & Gwen) home...where we had champagne and countdown to Christmas.

The night did not end after that... Ms Lee and myself headed back to Loyang where we join the Aikido gang for the Christmas gathering.. there we had XO! Wow and chat for awhile with the group before heading to catch a bit of sleep at around 4.30am! It has been a LONG day.
Merry Christmas...

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