Saturday, December 30, 2006

Last Memorable Event in 2006 - Sympo Gathering

A gathering involving 5 families, 9 adults & 3 kids - That's the number of people in Sympo group after 11 years since graduation! (Alvin couldn't make it due to some more important commitment affecting his future!) Amazing, and indeed very Happy. Happy for all my friends, some already have at least 1 kid, and some with the 1st and 2nd on their way... by 2007, the "group" will grow to at least 11 adults and 6 kids!!! Seeing them happy with their spouse and career is really very joyous and something which calls for a celebration. Guess the only person maintaining the status quo is myself...
We had our gathering in La Terrase at the Orchard Hotel (, a place which I like to have a chat with friends and catch-up. Realized obviously it wasn't a place for families! Hahaha, was awakened by Ching Ching, and guess our future gathering will have to be suggested by the "mothers" for places more conducive for kids... It was a good get-together and I hope we'll be able to do that once more before I set off after Chinese New Year for Melbourne.

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