Thursday, June 25, 2009

25 June 2009... 

It has been awhile, but never did I expect that the next time I post a message... it is a depressing one.  
Feeling somewhat stressed over what things had happened, and more so... for the future. 
Things changed just overnight, and life is NEVER gonna be the same again.
Why?  Why?  The happy, carefree past might not come through.  Through this incident, it kindda show alot of the "human" aspect, really disappointing.  Overnight, I lost some of my "siblings", literally.  They may be physically around, but in my heart, they are no longer the brothers I long for.  They are worst than friends to a certain extent.  How terrible right?  
All I can do now is just shake my head and smile with disbelief!
Anyway, can only hope things get back to normal soon... else, my life will be hell.