Saturday, January 13, 2007

One Saturday morning in Perth, Western Australia

A very long trip (16 days) away from home this year... to Australia for various reasons.

Perth - Visit Dealers
Melbourne - For work and most importantly, to look for an apartment for myself for my stay... not forgetting to catch the opening week of the Australian Open in the meantime (as my boss always mention)
Brisbane - Attending a meeting and visiting dealer.

Not a good start to the trip when I found that my luggage (Wilson cloth) had been torned due to mishandling by airline (I guess)... painful, which means that I need to buy a NEW luggage, which can be time consuming and of course costly! Managed to arrange with the conceirge to have my luggage pick-up by the airport and will collect when I next return to Perth (most likely in March). I must say that I was quite happy with the service provided by Intercontinental Burswood. I did get myself a soft-case red Skyway luggage which is really BIG! For the amount of stuffs I have this trip, I cannot afford a small luggage...quite happy with the price too, not a bad deal from Harbour Town Outlets. Walking along Hay St reminded me of my visit with May and Sharon last year... we had a good time then.

Saturday, 13 Jan - Had been contemplating to leave Perth earlier (to catch the final of AMMI Classic in Kooyong) or to spend a relaxing morning jogging in Perth. Decided on the later for various reasons, and I was glad I did it...the jog was wonderful. Nice weather, and nice scenary, the only thing missing was my water bottle... which can be a concern in case I couldn't find any shop to hydrate myself. Anyhow, I planned my jog such that I will enjoy my breakfast at a restaurant by the Swan River, call Boatshed (recommended by hotel staff). A very nice choice... a wonderful sunny Saturday morning relaxing an enjoying my BF on the deck of the restaurant...with view of the City of Perth opposite the Swan River (shown in picture above). All in all, did about 12km.
After that satisfying morning in Perth, left for Melbourne where my house-hunting and Australian Open awaits me!

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Sungkyung Kim said...

Hope you find a nice, cozy home and durable luggage~
Have a pleasant fly back home and see ya soon !