Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year ...

Wishing all readers a good 2007, with Health, Happiness, Peace ('mum' told me this morning), Prosperity and Success. May all that you wished for, come true...

Recap of 2006

Remember last year's New Year's Eve... I was in Shanghai with the Alikido group and that day itself, we had training (if I remember correctly). Anyway, we had fun, but the most memorable event was the Countdown at Xin Tian Di. Through the effort of Huey Yuee, we managed to get tickets to the countdown where there is a BIG concert, with peformance by 2 of my idols, Alan Tam and Hacken Lee. To be honest, it was the BEST countdown party (taking into consideration we don't normally attend many of those! Whatever it is, it was fun... screaming and shouting and NICE fire works! Spectecular indeed. We met up with some people from the Aikido group (Dorothy, Uncle Seah, Tham, and Dan). We went for a drink and supper where Dorothy was "drunk" after just 1 drink! That was really funny... cos she actually slept while standing in the lift... luckily Uncle Seah was around.

Come to think about Life if really full of coincidence and events we can and should treasure and appreciate. It is not bad after all... Take the above countdown for example, I happened to be in Shanghai and Alan and Hacken happened to be performing! The most important thing is of course, my friend's Huey Yuee's effort in helping me to get those tickets! I was honestly touched and appreciate all that she has done... which is not normally what she would do... I remember how impressed and delighted I was, until this day! Something which you can encounter but not asked for (in chinese, ke yu bu ke chiu)...

Other major events in 2006 includes...

1) Confirmation of my posting to Melbourne
This is going to be a huge change for me in 2007 and beyond. Obviously, a lot of well-wishes were received from colleagues, and also concerns from friends who knows my family situation.

2) Watching the Tennis Masters in Shanghai (for the full week) where Roger Federer won the title!
This is indeed one of the highlights of the year. I believe it's going to be more Live tennis for me in years to come. Something which I am really passionate about. Just wished I can play better, but throughout the years, I only see myself improving marginally, no quantum leap at all.. so alittle dissatisfied in that aspect. But I will continue to try to play more and hopefully one day, I will see the difference.
3) Paul's visit to Singapore
We had a few good tennis games and enjoyed some good food together. This is another of such things that happened that one can only hope to encounter, and definitely cannot delibrately crave for it... cause, it will not happened. And of course, treasure the fact that I get to enjoy those few days...

4) Vacation trip of the year with BPC - Osaka & Kyoto in April to see Cherry Blossom.
As usual, all my trips with BPC have been great, and memorable. Likewise, we killed lots of memory space (digital instead of negative based)! Photo after photo... Very nice to be able to enjoy the scenary. Just makes me wonder when will my family members (dad, sis and nephews) get to enjoy these beautiful scenary! With the happiness I experienced, I can't help but wished my dad and sis will one day get to enjoy all these wonderful scenary around the world...at least Australia while I am there.
5) My only Peoria trip in 2006
Luckily, I get to visit Peoria, Illinois again in March this year, and getting to meet up with Dad, Mum, Julie and the EOMP colleagues who I worked with in my previous position.
Somehow, Peoria is not a desirable place without Mum and Dad... the bond I've built with them is so strong (at least that how I feel) that something is missing if I don't get to see them. This year however, I happened to be around when Paul (Judy's brother) passed away. Fortunately, I was able to visit him before he left. Somehow, I always happened to be in Peoria when such unhappy things happened. Previously, I encountered Julie's mother visitation, Maudeen's sickness and now Paul's hospitalization and visitation. I am not sure if I should consider myself fortunate or unfortunate... whatever it is, I am just glad that I can lead a helping hand, mentally. Just hope that the next time I get to visit Peoria (if that opportunity arises again), I will be attending some Birthday celebrations or some Weddings! To share people's JOY and not SORROWS.

6) Health related problems.
First my wrist (both right and left) injury from Aikido... it was the most agonizing 2 weeks when my right wrist liagement was pulled, I can't even open the car door and the pain was undescribable! Actually that injury really "woke" me up and sadly affected my passion of the sports. Still like it, but a little more cautious now since any injury will affect my Tennis and other sports. Because of that precaution, I hurt my left wrist as well...now it is still painfull, and it will never be like before. All I can do is to keep strengthening it and hopefully it'll get stronger over the years.Next, my left hamstrings problem, which got worst and I have to consult Dr Low... where I started my therapy session with Physionique (http://www.physionique.com/) since October. It didn't really recover, just relief after every therapy session.
7) Tickets, Fines & Accidents
2006 year marked the record year of receiving tickets and fines, ranging from Speeding to illegal parking. Honestly, this is not the first time I speed or park illegally, but somehow, I managed to get a record of about 6 this year, from September this year, with 4 demerit points from Speeding! Gosh, really down on luck...wonder WHO I offended. On top of that, believe I was involved in 2 car accidents this year, one a result of not being attentive (involving 2 other cars), and the other a result of a road bully (motorcyclist)! Whatever the cause, both cost me a total of S$7,000 (just my car), not taking into account the amount that was claimed from 3rd parties on my insurance. Sigh, just glad that all these only involved monetary losses and not more. Hope 2007 is a fine free and accident free year.
Despite all these... I believe 2007 is going to be another year of changes, challenges and activities. Whatever it is, let us all appreciate and enjoy the process, so that we can look back to a GOOD and fulfilling 2007.


Sportingo said...

Greetings -- I am really impressed that you have followed tennis so seriously. I also noticed that golf is one of your interests. Would you be interested in publishing some articles on the professional aspects of these sports?


ben said...

Ah! I see that you have figured out how to add links in the template!

Wish you a great 2007 ahead!

yiliang said...

wow!?! just realized that i have been missing quite a bit of u with motherhood taken over almost all my time!!! especially amazed on the paul's visit and the fines in yr 2006 highlights! but as nagging as a mum, oni wish u to slow down and relax on the road. here's to a exciting and fruitful ventures in aus my dear fren